I am exhausted and it's Monday.

Jul. 17th, 2017 04:35 pm
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Things to do/upcoming this week:

1. Turn in new student hiring paperwork.
2. Inform those who were not hired. PARTIALLY.
3. Finish GS reading for next week. 65% complete.
4. Book Club on Wednesday.
5. Update written help pages.
6. Finish reading/responding to weekly news articles.
7. Find/post next week's news article.
8. Start reviewing material for my annotated bib/research paper.
9. Make an appointment for help in finding materials for above.
10. Pick up niece+her husband from train and deliver to other train.
11. Dinner w/parents and in-town people.
12. Wash sheets and change bedding for in-town people.
13. Do dishes.
14. Put away dishes.
15. Clear off table.
16. Clean litterbox.
17. Make sure to do work social media 3 times this week. 1 left!
18. Make rice for lunches.
19. Attend work training.
20. Attend work training #2.
21. Get quarters for laundry.

Emerald City

Jul. 7th, 2017 04:45 pm
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I had a weird start to the week.

That said, I spent most of July 4 inside watching the first seven episodes of Emerald City, and I have a lot of thoughts about the series.

I'd heard about this show earlier this year because someone mentioned that the actress they have to play Dorothy was latina. I don't actually watch television anymore (not a status thing, just an attention span thing, I DID MY GENERAL HOSPITAL TIME), so made a vague mental note that I should ~someday~ track the show down and watch it or something. Seriously, all I knew about it going in was 1. it was Land of Oz related 2. the lead was latina and 3. the title card was interestingly composed.

So, no. I had no idea what so ever that this was directed by Tarsem Singh!



That was like walking in an Applebee's vaguely hoping for soup and getting handed a twenty-course meal from Alinea. Including the weird pine scent pillow.

I know Tarsem Singh's been a long time fave of mine, but if y'all don't know much about him and his work, do yourself a favor and check out The Fall and The Cell. He is such an intensely visual director, that even his dodgier stuff in terms of narrative (I am looking at you, The Immortals) is stunning to watch. Like, DAMN, GOOD CATCH to the producers! Because every single episode of the series is directed by Singh, and holy cow you can tell. For real, as soon as the Kansas stuff went away in the first episode and we landed in Oz, I was all "Wait. Did some one rip off Tarsem- HOLY CROW, HE DIRECTED ALL OF IT?"

It shows, y'all. I think there are MAYBE five crappy shots in the first seven episodes and those were 60% the b-roll crew not getting the memo and 40% budget limitations for CGI. God, the sheer composition of shots for a television series is bonkers.

Not gonna lie, I am blown away by the detail that went into this series. The costumes from top to bottom are amazing. As is the thought that went into each of the characters and their parts in the over all story. The few reviews I've seen since I went poking yesterday mention that it's a bit of a Wizard of Oz meets Game of Thrones, which IDK? I've never seen a single episode of that series, so can't say, but if the narrative composition is anything like EC, I can see why it's popular.

Spoilers for the show back here. Mostly discussion though, of content and format. )


Anyone who wants to come talk about this with me, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS. The show is super fun! Watch if you think it's your jam! <3

Mind you, I even enjoyed the Tin Man series that aired on Sci-Fi ten years ago, and this is about 70% better than that. Tho, for real, as much of a douchebro Neal McDonough is, that tin man >>>> the tin man in EC.



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